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Note of general absence.

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 10:18 AM

A few of you may have noticed I've not been all that present for a fair old chunk of time.

The short answer is, things have been mental (not the fun kind, or the busy kind, but the "I can't believe all this shit is happening!" mental).

I've always been quite careful as to just how much info I give out about myself, such as the nature of my job, the firm I work at/with, etc. Call me sceptical and slightly pessimistic if you will on that one, but it's done so for a very good reason, especially with the numerous things that have been happening, like the 5 weeks of injury/sickness leave from carpal tunnel, or an incident that left me exposed to toxic substances.

I'm not playing the blame game on this one, or point fingers, because inflaming a situation never makes it better. The reason I'm tell you all this is to try and give you an idea of exactly why I've not been all that visible, or vanish, then pop back to ask a load of questions regarding tutorials and then vanish again. I've been incredibly scatter brained over the last months because of numerous happenings that often leave me feeling like I'm trying to hold water in a giant sieve.

In fact just talking about my life or problems is a real struggle for me, I'm the sort of person who could have the world's nastiest fatal disease ever, but I'll still feel guilty talking about when the guy sitting next to me has a splinter in his thumb (kind of like stealing his thunder). It was so bad at the start of the week I was honestly thinking of posting a stepping down journal, but throwing things away because of other real life crap seems a little irresponsible of me.

So what I'm doing here is just giving you all some info to let you know why I've been so cack-handed recently and to tell you what's going on and what's not.
So here we go....

:bulletblule:. I'm still doing the tutorials in sculpting, none of the projects have been scrapped, but some have had their orders juggled. For the most part I will say that the definite running list for the next four (all of which have been started to some degree or other) runs like this.

1. Razordon - hit a wall with this one when I realised I'd have to cut away all the legs and start from scratch.
2. Conversion section - quicker and easier to do and converting is the walking part between the crawling and running of sculpting (yes that makes sense).
3. Salamander.
4. Banshee/wych seeing as she's nearly finished.

After that I will be back on track and with some bigger bits and pieces thrown in for good measure, especially as I've been feeling the pull of sculpting for companies again (only tinkering with that idea for the moment). It is however why I made the recent poll in which I showed you this.

Aut 2021 by Backsackandjack

If all goes well you should be seeing this as a finished sculpt for sale, but can't say who for or when yet.

Also, huge apologies go to :iconvanagandr: as I know he's waiting on my to sculpt him a Chaos sister of battle. =p

Skin by SimplySilent

Mini monster series? (see my comment below for details) 

12 deviants said Yes
5 deviants said Applestuff plz
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Mr Build of buildiness and stuff...
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I'm also incredibly modest. <:

Kind of like a ferret on speed.

Sculpture stuff.

Hi there!

I'm your not so local, questionably sane CV for sculpture.

My job here is primarily to annoy people with gifs of ferrets, cats and anything amusing I can find on google when I should be doing things other than procrastinate.

Aside from that my role is to feature DDs, shed some light on sculpture in the trad gallery and hopefully give the gallery much more attention, interest and attract and encourage more people into giving sculpture a try.

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