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As mentioned yesterday, here is the second part of the series (although it won't be completed in this one segment), I'll be focusing on a number of different areas that filter over each other like crazy. Not exaggerating here, there will be so many areas that relate to one another that I'll be jumping from one to the other on almost every new aspect, so to make things easier I'll be bullet pointing it.

Unfortunately, just as with the last tutorial, this one has turned out longer than I had hoped, sorry about that. :/

So anything that relates to a specific subtopic gets a bullet point just before it so you know, otherwise this whole thing will probably turn into a huge confusing mess, you have been warned...

:bulletgreen: Banshee Wych
:bulletred: Femme Fatales
:bulletblue: Little snippets: Things to take on board if you're considering sculpting with casting in mind (for sales or private work), or just working as a professional.

Here's the brief subtopics I mentioned previously.

Banshee Wych 

  • Fluff! (An introduction)
  • Banshee, whatnow? 
  • Putting these together.

Femme Fatales

  • Introduction part two, part one here ->
  • Poses and armatures
  • shapes

Fluff, so much fluff you won't know what to do with it!

Fluff is or was, originally a term used by gamers to describe things that fit in with a genre's universe and history. Therefore a specific Khorne berserker you create, who runs around chopping off heads and killing people (interjected with his own little quirks, or noticeable achievements) is fluffy. It fits in to the history and lore and so is unlikely to ruffle anyone's feathers.

A Khorne Berserker, who is obsessed with cereal, wields the mighty chain spoon of +1 nutritious breakfasts and has a soft spot for kittens is not and will likely creep out any 40K player you speak to on the subject...or excite them, just a bit too much. Not really sure which is worse to be honest.  

Cat-jar by Backsackandjack

Banshee, whatnow?

This is the next step along with fluff is to explain what I'm doing here, rather than assume, or worse, leave you to find out for yourself. Those of you familiar with Fantasy or D&D stuff might find this easier to follow.

Both are part of a 40K race that for argument's sake, can be summed up as being space elves. Of these you have two factions, Eldar (angsty, depressed elves, trying desperately to not give in to base emotions, or vice) and the Dark Eldar (Perverted space elves hiding away in a dimension they created, to indulge every vice and perversion imaginable...and they've had a few million years in which to do this....)

I've put links below for those of you who are still confused, but curious enough to read more.

Dark Eldar:…

Howling Banshees: 
A sub fighting class of Eldar, typically female and specialising in moving quickly to close quarters fighting, relying on fast movements and acrobatic skills to avoid getting hacked apart. 
Eldar Howling Banshee Tarot v2 by Sokil-Su

Very similar, but a very different look, again, typically female, specialising in moving quickly to close quarters fighting and relying on fast movements and acrobatic skills to avoid getting hacked apart, but in turn, causing as much pain and capturing subjects for later torture/abuse/gladiatorial fights.
Wych3 by Backsackandjack

That's about as much as I can be bothered to type in terms of fluff on either of those for now....

Putting these together.

fluff....isn't what motivates me, I see things, I get ideas and like a ferret I throw caution to the wind and run off in that direction without thinking about the consequences or logistics, just so long as what I do isn't verging on the straight jacket and men in white coats ideas.

Different aspects and elements usually come together to form ideas, especially if it means I stand a good chance at sculpting something different from the usual fan service one might see. Both of these have been around for some time and have had numerous different models and conversions over the years, so much so that in some of the darker corners of the internet, deviating too far from these will bring pure, unadulterated, All caps rage and no regard for spelling.

Doing a combination allows me much more freedom and the idea alone means I'm deviating far enough from either subject that I don't need to feel restricted or pressurised by what I do (not that that's ever really stopped me before :meow:)

In pastures blue...wait, whut?

So you're now in new and uncharted waters, Hooray! what do you do now?

This is where ideas need to ferment a little, as wiggle room is good, but too much can leave you unsure of where to go next. As such going back to the who, what and whys is the next best step.

:bulletred:Who: Well, you already know this, it's a cross between the two, the fighting style and movement aspects are already in play, which will steer you on the what's and why's.

:bulletred:What: It's a space elf, that moves quick and has acrobatic like abilities, so what is it about this that appeals? Well for me, it's that big chunky flail thingy, looks impressive in that piece of artwork below, I bet that could look even better on this combi piece, what does the original look like?

99120112008 WychesNEW03 by Backsackandjack

Oh... *looks at artwork again*

:bulletblue: Admittedly this is an issue with casting, trying to cast something in this scale with as much movement in the artwork, would be a nightmare and just plain not feasible. If it's too thin, it won't cast. 

This is to do with why you're even attempting this in the first place, not another "I've made a terrible mistake" moment, but a "why did you want to do this in the first place?". I find it's always worth doing this, reminding yourself over and over why you decided this was what you wanted to sculpt. It keeps that initial drive there just a bit longer.

:bulletblue:Why did I want to do this?
  • I'm not casting this, I can be far more liberal with the pose, air spaces, miniature thickness and use lighter detail.
  • Awesome posing possibilities is awesome.
  • Great opportunity to try something new, especially with the pose.
  • Something I've not seen before (not to say it doesn't/hasn't existed, but chances are slim at best).

With these in mind, I then look at the two once again, this is to look at the similarities and differences and put the two together, even though they look very, very different.

Eldar Howling Banshee Tarot v2 by Sokil-SuWych3 by Backsackandjack

  • Different weapons
  • Different armour
  • Similar styles
Best place to start is to address the things that are different, find common ground here and then the rest is gravy.

:bulletgreen:Different weapons: Meh, not a problem, I already mentioned it was the flail that stood out and struck me as having the most potential.
:bulletgreen:Different Armour: They really are different, this that finding a middle round could be difficult, but there's ways of getting around this one, by addressing needs and functionality that you've seen me do in previous tutorials like the one on the Razordon.

:bulletgreen:The outfit needs to fulfil a task, offer as much protection as possible, whilst allowing for a maximum level of flexibility and mobility, no point being an acrobatic fasting moving, hard hitting, close combat badass if your armour is heavy and restricts your movements.

This means things like the shoulder pads you often see Howling Banshees sculpted with, need to go.

:bulletred: In order to help make sure these areas are fulfilled, it's best to concentrate a little more on the armature, get some putty to wire and get the shapes done properly. This is also the PERFECT moment to make sure that the overall pose is not accurate, but doesn't fall into the "Here are my boobs!" pose style I mentioned in the last segment.

Best way to do this is to look at real life examples, well, these characters are effectively acrobats and gymnasts, this combined with the flail weapon means that I could do far worse than look at gymnast's using ribbons, the poses will also help show me where I need to place emphasis on the armature without sinking into dangerous waters.

EvgeniyaKanaeva22 by BacksackandjackAUT 1780 zps208e13d6 by Backsackandjack

:bulletred: This is IDEAL, I have everything I need here for reference, boney prominences, pose, proportions, etc.
  • If you look carefully too, you will notice the S and B shapes again and you'll see they're not just confined to the lower body.
  • You will also notice detail is thin on the armature, always best to allow yourself enough room to put on a detail layer, trying to do that with thin layers of putty is not fun.
  • I did not put enough emphasis to the twist and arch in the torso (and did not notice this at the time, although that was pushing a year and a half ago, if not longer), which was a mistake as it meant I had to go back later on, cut away a lot of it and start over.
I did not want a carbon copy however, I wanted to place a weapon in the other hand two, though a second flail would heavily over complicate things, so I opted for a knife, but held close to the forearm (which you will see later on).

:bulletred: As an addition here (yes, another one), take a moment to look at the delightful madam Yevgeniya Kanayeva above. What I want you to do now is to take note of areas of importance, areas that stand out and will become vital for the landmarks in the sculpt.

Areas worth noting:
  • The knees
  • The ankles
  • The Elbows
  • The hips (especially the overall pelvis structure)
  • The rib cage, especially the lower section up towards the sternum.
  • The shoulders, even from a thumb image her Teres major and scapula are easily noticeable.
Unsurprisingly you'll notice that everything mentioned above (except for teres major) is a bony landmark, she's not stick thin and just from looking at her legs, arms and torso, she has some wonderful muscle development. These are all areas that need to be taken into account when moving on to the armatures (and remembered for all following stages). They will constantly be a guide not only for your proportions, but as key landmarks for when it comes to muscle construction.

:bulletred: Any of you think the boobs count as one? Well if you do, shame on you.

Have a read of Meghan Hetrick's tutorial below, it might be 2D as opposed to 3D, but the principles are exactly the same (and so help me, if you feel obliged to make a double D comment here! ). Don't be that guy...big inflataboobies are utterly pointless, they'd slow her down and get in the way.

How to Draw Boobies! by MeghanHetrick

Once again this has turned out far longer than I had hoped, I will be uploading this section as soon as I am able, which will contain more of the information I mentioned for Femme fatales, as well as the more technical aspects of sculpting.

As a final teaser, here's a not too, revealing piccy with some of the aspects I've mentioned above (not to mention corrections), put in place.
Banshee Wych WIP by Backsackandjack

What to expect in Part Two:

The next update will contain some of the bits from this one (but expanding on them), I'll be covering some of the following:
  • Continuing on the pose/armature build.
  • Design process.
  • Looking at the weapon, pose, direction, movement.
  • Pros + Cons of Non-castable VS Castable miniatures.
  • Problem solving with difficult parts.

If you can think of other things you'd like me to include, just ask. :)

Life or an accidental mini sculptor, new name? 

32 deviants said Life of an accidental mini sculptor is fine.
5 deviants said Buildy stuff (ok so I'm running out of ideas here)
3 deviants said Mini adventure
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